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Superior Scope Access, Delivery and Precision Monitoring at Your Fingertips

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Designed to help you care for patients with higher O2 needs and/or undergoing longer procedural sedations.

For Anesthesia Specialists:

More Reliable EtCO2 Monitoring: With advanced end-tidal CO2 (EtCO2) sampling technology, you can trust the reliability/consistency of the EtCO2 waveform, enabling better clinical decision-making and monitoring of your patients’ ventilatory status.

Improved Patient Safety: Oxy2Pro’s enhanced Oxy2 technology increases the upper limit of delivered oxygen to your patient so their risk of respiratory-related adverse events during procedures is minimized.

Ease of Use: “out of the bag ready” with a 360° swivel adapter and fixed O2 tubing and EtCO2 sample line, the Oxy2Pro is user-friendly and integrates seamlessly into your clinical environment, enhancing your workflow and reducing setup time.

For Procedural Physicians:

Large, Flexible Membrane Window: Gain easy access to perform procedures and minimize the risk of instrument damage with the industry’s largest and most flexible window. Our exclusive 6 panel membrane, star-shaped window provides the largest patient access in market. 

Clear Line of Site: Say goodbye to visual obstructions with our 360° swivel. 

Enhanced Procedural Efficiency: Oxy2Pro’s design facilitates easy access for oral procedures while elevating oxygen delivery and EtCO2 monitoring, streamlining clinical workflows and reducing procedure times.  

For Patients:

Patient Safety: The ability to offer higher FiO2’s within a procedure, plus reliable EtCO2 monitoring keeps patients safer throughout procedures, reducing the risk of respiratory-related adverse events.

Results Delivered: By enhancing the safety aspects around procedural sedation, patient procedures get completed, allowing clinicians to obtain the results they need effectively and safely, so patients can move toward appropriate treatment options.

Meeting the Most Challenging Care Needs

In clinical care, precise oxygen delivery and accurate EtCO2 monitoring are crucial for patient safety and effective treatment. However, you’re often faced with significant challenges that can have profound implications on patient outcomes, particularly in procedures requiring sedation or respiratory support.

1. Unpredictable EtCO2 Monitoring

Accurate monitoring of EtCO2 is essential for assessing the ventilation status of patients, especially during sedation. Traditional methods, like EtCO2 nasal cannula often fail to provide consistent and accurate readings, particularly at higher oxygen flow rates, or when your patient starts to mouth breathe.

Inaccurate EtCO2 readings can lead to misinterpretation of a patient’s respiratory status, resulting in inappropriate clinical decisions. This can be especially critical during procedures like endoscopies or bronchoscopies, where patients require close monitoring.

Solution: The Oxy2Pro incorporates advanced EtCO2 sampling technology, ensuring exceptionally reliable readings even at higher oxygen flows. This enhances the clinician’s ability to make informed decisions and provide safer patient care.

2. Inadequate Oxygen Titration

Traditional oxygen delivery systems like EtCO2 nasal cannula often lack the capability to provide elevated levels of FiO2 when they’re needed for a patient in the middle of a procedural sedation.

Insufficient oxygenation can lead to hypoxemia, affecting vital organs and potentially causing significant respiratory adverse events

Solution: The Oxy2Pro addresses this issue by allowing for flexible oxygen titration ranging from 5 to 15+ liters per minute, ensuring optimal oxygen delivery up to 95% FiO2, tailored to individual patient needs.

3. Limited Access for Procedural Interventions

Many oxygen masks weren’t made for endoscopic access and therefore restrict access to the patient’s mouth, posing challenges during procedures that require oral insertion of scopes or tubes.

This limitation results in ineffective means of delivering oxygen, inconsistent capture of EtCO2, and can lead to delays and interruptions to procedures, and in some cases, may necessitate the removal of the oxygen mask, thereby risking patient desaturation.

Solution: The Oxy2Pro features a large membrane window (60mm x 38mm), providing superior access for scopes and tubes. This flexible, star-shaped design minimizes the risk of damage to scopes and ensures continuous oxygen delivery and EtCO2 monitoring during procedures, enhancing both safety and efficiency.

Unpredictable EtCO2 Monitoring

Inadequate Oxygen Titration

Limited Access for Procedural Interventions

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Oxy2Pro: Advanced Respiratory Care

Discover the Oxy2Pro, a substantial shift in respiratory care technology. Designed for Anesthesia Specialists who demand precision and reliability, and for at-risk patients who need comfort and safety, the Oxy2Pro stands at the forefront of medical innovation.

Best-in-Class FiO2 Delivery: 48 to 95% FiO2

The Oxy2Pro redefines oxygen delivery with its unparalleled range. Whether a patient needs minimal supplemental oxygen or a higher concentration, Oxy2Pro adjusts seamlessly, offering a spectrum of FiO2 from 48% to 95%. This is pivotal in catering to diverse patient needs, from those requiring mild enhancement of oxygen to those in critical care.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Scope Access

The Oxy2Pro is ingeniously designed with the largest membrane window in class, significantly facilitating scope access. This feature is particularly advantageous during procedures requiring oral scope insertion, like endoscopies or bronchoscopies. The design reduces interference, allowing uninterrupted oxygen delivery and EtCO2 monitoring while providing flexible ample space for procedural interventions.

Superior EtCO2 Sampling for Accurate Monitoring

Accuracy in EtCO2 monitoring is non-negotiable in patient care. The Oxy2Pro excels in this regard, providing clinicians with reliable and precise EtCO2 readings. Its advanced sampling technology ensures that even at varying oxygen flow rates, the EtCO2 data remains consistent, helping you make informed decisions for patient management.

Clinician-Friendly: Pre-assembled with 360° Swivel Adapter

Ease of use is at the heart of Oxy2Pro’s design. It arrives pre-assembled, saving crucial setup time in urgent care scenarios. The inclusion of a 360° swivel adapter is a testament to its thoughtful design, offering clinicians the flexibility to maneuver the device as needed, keeping tubes and lines organized and out of the way for both patient comfort and procedural efficiency.

What Anesthesia Specialists Are Saying About Oxy2Pro

“Really impressed with the (EtCO2) capture! This patient is half mouth breathing and half nose breathing and it’s picking it all up!”

Anesthetist from a large community Hospital

Ontario, Canada

Reliable EtCO2 Readings

The new Oxy2 snap-fit triangular directional diffuser cup maximizes the potential of the oxygen vortices (red), and directs the flow toward the patient’s nose and mouth, allowing the exhaled CO2 (blue) to funnel into the diffuser cup and down into the sample line to the capnograph.

open oxygen mask Oxy2Mask Oxygen Therapy Care Pathway

*AARC Clinical Practice Guidelines. Reprinted from Respiratory Care (Respir Care 2002:47(6):717-720)

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