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Oxy2Mask EtCO2™ delivers up to 83% FiO2 efficiently, ensuring reliable EtCO2 monitoring even at high O2 flows.

Oxy2Mask EtCO2 at a Glance:

Designed to help you care for patients undergoing procedural sedations requiring higher O2 flows.

For Anesthesia Specialists:

Enhanced Patient Safety with Advanced Oxygenation: Oxy2Mask EtCO2 elevates patient safety in sedation procedures, delivering up to an unparalleled 83% FiO2 at 15lpm for optimal oxygenation. This advanced oxygenation capability is pivotal in helping you safeguard against hypoxemia and respiratory failure, particularly vital for patients at the brink of deeper sedation levels.

Reliable EtCO2 Monitoring for Early Intervention: Oxy2Mask EtCO2 sets a new standard in EtCO2 monitoring. EtCO2 monitoring offers you a crucial “early warning system” for ventilatory issues. EtCO2 sampling with Oxy2Mask EtCO2 is a game changer. By proactively identifying potential respiratory issues often before SpO2 desaturation, you can reduce the risks linked to oversedation, apneas, and airway obstruction.

Ease of Use: Considering the complexities of patient positioning and the risk of airway obstruction in moderate sedation, Oxy2Mask EtCO2 is “out of the bag ready” with a 360° swivel adapter and secure O2 tubing and EtCO2 sample line, making the mask user-friendly and integrates seamlessly into your clinical environment, enhancing your workflow and reducing setup time.

For Procedural Physicians:

Optimized Access for Procedures: The Oxy2Mask EtCO2’s open design allows procedural physicians the necessary ease of access for oral procedures, minimizing the risk of instrument damage and ensuring better patient care during complex interventions.

Unobstructed View and Maneuverability: The design includes a 360° swivel adapter, which enhances the physician’s ability to maintain a clear line of sight during procedures. This is crucial in maintaining precision and efficiency, especially in delicate interventions.

For Patients:

Critical Support for Medically Complex Patients: The Oxy2Mask EtCO2 is ideal for medically complex patients often seen in moderate sedation procedures who require elevated levels of oxygen that nasal cannula simply cannot deliver. Given the increased risk for respiratory issues during procedural sedation, Oxy2Mask EtCO2’s effective oxygen delivery and precise EtCO2 monitoring are critical, ensuring these vulnerable patients receive consistent oxygenation and ventilatory status tracking, thereby lessening the likelihood of complications associated with respiratory depression, airway obstruction, or apnea.

Enhanced Oxygen Delivery: The Oxy2Mask EtCO2‘s capability to deliver up to 83% FiO2 at 15lpm provides patients, especially during sedated procedures, with high oxygen levels. This feature is essential for maintaining proper oxygenation, which can reduce the risk of hypoxemia.

Results Delivered: By enhancing the safety aspects around procedural sedation, patient procedures get completed, allowing clinicians to obtain the results they need effectively and safely, so patients can move toward appropriate treatment options.

Meeting the Most Challenging Care Needs

In ER sedations, endoscopies, and bronchoscopies, Anesthesia Specialists often encounter challenges with oxygen delivery devices’ ability to deliver elevated levels of oxygen and accurately monitoring EtCO2, both critical factors for patient safety and effective treatment. 

In response to these challenges, Oxy2Mask EtCO2 offers enhanced oxygen delivery and reliable EtCO2 monitoring, making it a vital tool for managing the complexities of modern clinical care.

1. Inadequate Oxygenation in Sedation Procedures

A key challenge in moderate sedation procedures is the inadequacy of traditional oxygen delivery systems, like EtCO2 nasal cannulas, which often fail to provide sufficient oxygenation. This limitation can lead to dangerously low oxygen levels in patients (hypoxemia), potentially progressing to serious respiratory adverse events.

Solution: The Oxy2Mask EtCO2 offers a breakthrough solution to this. With advanced capability to deliver up to 83% FiO2 at 15 liters per minute, Oxy2Mask EtCO2 significantly surpasses the limitations of traditional systems. This ensures that patients undergoing moderate sedation receive the necessary oxygen levels, effectively mitigating the risks associated with hypoxemia and enhancing overall patient safety.

2. Inaccurate EtCO2 Monitoring

Traditional methods may struggle with providing accurate EtCO2 readings, especially at higher oxygen flow rates, or when your patient mouth breathes.

Solution: The Oxy2Mask EtCO2‘s exceptional EtCO2 sampling technology ensures more accurate and reliable monitoring of a patient’s respiratory status, which is crucial for early detection and intervention of ventilatory problems, lessening the likelihood of respiratory issues progressing to serious adverse events.

3. Risk of Respiratory Complications

Procedures outside the operating room, like ER sedations and endoscopies, carry a risk of respiratory complications such as airway obstruction or apnea.

Solution: The Oxy2Mask EtCO2, with its advanced features, helps in early detection and management of these risks, improving patient safety.

Inadequate Oxygenation in Sedation Procedures

Inaccurate EtCO2 Monitoring

Risk of Respiratory Complications

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Oxy2Mask EtCO2: Elevated Performance

Introducing the Oxy2Mask EtCO2 a revolutionary advancement in respiratory care. Engineered for Anesthesia Specialists to help address critical needs in sedation and procedural settings, Oxy2Mask EtCO2 delivers a broad range of FiO2 and exceptional EtCO2 sampling through our new patented Oxy2 Snap-fit diffuser to provide unmatched reliability in respiratory monitoring.

Enhanced EtCO2 Capture and Less Dampened Waveforms at Higher O2 Flows

The capability of the Oxy2Mask EtCO2 to sample EtCO2 more accurately and provide consistent waveforms, even at higher oxygen flows, is a critical feature. For anesthesia specialists, this means enhanced reliability and accuracy in respiratory monitoring, allowing for better-informed decisions and interventions during procedures.

Improved FiO2 Delivery – Up to 83% @ 15lpm

The enhanced FiO2 delivery of the Oxy2Mask EtCO2, capable of reaching up to 83% at a flow rate of 15 liters per minute, marks a significant advancement for anesthesia specialists. This improvement means that even patients with advanced respiratory demands can achieve adequate oxygenation during critical procedural sedations. This translates to a reduced risk of hypoxemia, ensuring safer and more effective procedural sedation experiences.

More Directional Flow with Increased Velocity Toward the Nose & Mouth

The new Oxy2Mask EtCO2 ensures a more targeted and efficient oxygen delivery. The directional flow with increased velocity towards the nose and mouth optimizes our generated oxygen velocity vortices, enhancing the overall effectiveness of oxygen therapy. For anesthesia specialists, this means greater control over patient oxygenation.

Pathway Creation for EtCO2 Funneling

The Oxy2Mask EtCO2 introduces a unique design that creates a streamlined pathway for EtCO2 to funnel directly into the diffuser cup and down the sample line. This advancement facilitates more accurate and consistent EtCO2 monitoring, a crucial aspect for Anesthesia Specialists in assessing and managing the respiratory status of patients during procedures.

open oxygen mask Oxy2Mask Oxygen Therapy Care Pathway

*AARC Clinical Practice Guidelines. Reprinted from Respiratory Care (Respir Care 2002:47(6):717-720)

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