OxyMask™ Technology

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Pin and Diffuser Technology

Pin and Diffuser Technology

  • OxyMask™ incorporates an innovative Pin and Diffuser technology designed to concentrate and redirect the flow of oxygen.
  • The mushroom-shaped Pin redirects the flow of oxygen forming an organized pattern of vortices and a cloud of concentrated oxygen molecules
  • The triangular directional Diffuser refines the shape of the oxygen vortices and directs the flow towards the patient’s nose and mouth.

Pin and Diffuser

Open, Light Weight Design

  • OxyMask™ is a highly efficient ‘open’ mask system that eliminates the need for a closed design, valves and reservoirs
  • During the patient’s inhalation, oxygen flow is mixed with room air drawn in through the mask openings. Respiratory mechanics and breathing patterns determine how room air combines with the delivered oxygen. The concentration of oxygen received during the breath is a function of the oxygen flow compared to the patient’s inspiratory flow and tidal volume. This results in the prescribed concentration of oxygen being delivered to the patient.
  • During exhalation, the mask openings allow expired carbon dioxide to escape

OxyMask™ is a revolutionary open oxygen mask

  • Delivers oxygen concentrations from 24%-90%* FiO2, at flows ranging from 1 to 15+ litres per minute

OxyMask Oxygen Delivery Graph

*AARC Clinical Practice Guidelines. Reprinted from Respiratory Care (Respir Care 2002:47(6):717-720)