Oxy2Mask: The Original and Effective Open Mask for Oxygen Delivery

Oxy2Mask is designed to effectively deliver oxygen across a wide range of concentrations, ensuring your patients receive the exact level of support they need.

Deliver Precision Oxygen Therapy and Enhance Patient Care with Oxy2Mask

Open Oxygen Mask: Oxy2Mask

Traditional oxygen masks require you to change masks for different oxygen delivery levels, which can be cumbersome and inefficient.

Not so with Oxy2Mask. With our unique and patented diffuser technology, you eliminate the need for constant switching—every option you need for comprehensive oxygen therapy is right in your hands.

What Respiratory Therapists and Patients Are Saying About Oxy2Mask

“Your mask is the best out there, I use it all the time!  With this mask you don’t have to inhale the last breath you exhaled.”

Don G., Homecare User
Cedar City, UT  

“We initiated a trial of the Oxy2Mask™ with several of our patients who already were on mask oxygen. The patients immediately commented that they didn’t feel so claustrophobic with this mask.”

Lisa Kinler, RRT
St. Tammany Parish Hospital

“These are a safer way to give higher flows of O2. Patients who fight traditional masks will keep the Oxy2Mask on.”

Certified Respiratory Therapist
Hospital System in Indiana, USA

Oxy2Mask combines
superior patient comfort,
efficient oxygen delivery,
and increased safety.

Oxy2Mask is innovative and user-friendly featuring a powerful diffuser and open system designed to meet the individual needs of respiratory therapists, nurses, patients, and hospital administrators.

Clinician Flexibility and Efficiency

Tired of juggling multiple oxygen masks that are inflexible and time-consuming?

Traditional masks limit your ability to adjust oxygen concentrations easily, meaning frequent trips to the stock room for different masks, wasting valuable time. They can also be hot, sweaty and uncomfortable for patients, leading to non-compliance, more frequent alarms, and additional interruptions in your workflow.

Oxy2Mask’s unique design ensures effective oxygen delivery across a wide range of concentrations with just one mask, eliminating the need for multiple setups. This streamlined approach saves you time, reduces patient discomfort, and minimizes avoidable alarms, allowing you to focus more on patient care.

Patient Safety and Comfort

Do your patients feel uncomfortable and confined with traditional oxygen masks?

Traditional oxygen masks can cause discomfort, restrict their movements, and limit their ability to perform normal activities like drinking and talking. They also pose a risk of CO2 rebreathing and require a minimum mandatory flow rate, which can compromise safety.

Help your patients experience the freedom, comfort, and safety that Oxy2Mask brings. Its innovative design ensures efficient oxygen delivery at any flow rate, minimizing the risk of CO2 rebreathing while allowing patients to live life uninterrupted. With Oxy2Mask, you provide comfort AND safety for your patients.

Lower Costs and Reduce Waste

Concerned about the escalating costs of oxygen therapy, inefficient utilization of medical gases, and the wasteful use of multiple oxygen masks per patient?

Traditional oxygen delivery systems can be inefficient, often requiring the use of multiple masks for different oxygen concentrations, leading to increased costs and wastage.

Our advanced design replaces the need for multiple masks, delivering a wide range of oxygen concentrations with a single device. Lower costs and reduce waste with Oxy2Mask.

Oxy2Mask’s Patented Diffuser Technology

Harness the world’s first and only patented diffuser technology to create targeted vortex oxygen flows and deliver optimal patient comfort and care.

Oxy2Mask’s innovative diffuser technology significantly enhances oxygen delivery for patients by creating organized oxygen vortices.

Our advanced design ensures oxygen is concentrated and directed efficiently towards the patient’s nose and mouth, resulting in more consistent and effective delivery of oxygen. Oxy2Mask’s open design minimizes the risk of CO2 rebreathing and provides patients with a comfortable and uninterrupted breathing experience.

Save 20 minutes a week of total patient care time – or 0.2 of a full-time hospital staff a year.

“We have tried it on many patients and in many different situations. We have found that by going to the Oxy2Mask we were able to reduce therapist time and cost of supplies.”

– Tom Strait, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center


Learn more on how Oxy2Mask improves patient safety while significantly reducing costs – simply, fill out this form to download a copy of Leveraging Technology to Maximize Efficiencies in Today’s Challenging Respiratory Care Environment – Hoerr, C. et al


Download your copy of our Clinical Research Report

The Oxy2Mask Open Face Mask Delivery System Replaces
Traditional Medical Oxygen Interfaces 

Delivers oxygen concentrations from 24%-90% FiO2, at flows ranging from 1 to 15+ litres per minute.

open oxygen mask Oxy2Mask Oxygen Therapy Care Pathway

*AARC Clinical Practice Guidelines. Reprinted from Respiratory Care (Respir Care 2002:47(6):717-720)

Report 19-0091

How Oxy2Mask Compares to Other Oxygen Masks 

Simple Mask
Other Open Masks
Up to 90% FiO2 Delivery
Generation of Oxygen Vortices to Maximize FiO2
O2 Tubing Swivel
O2 Flow Directed to the Airway
No Mandatory Minimum O2 Flow Rate
Reduced Risk of CO2 Rebreathing
Reduced Risk of Aspiration
Lightweight, Comfortable + Cool
Reduces Feelings of Claustrophobia
Allows for Hydration/Oral Medication Delivery without Interruption of Rx
Non-Obstructed Patient Communication
Phthalate/DEHP Free
No Assembly Required

Download the Full Clinical Research Report

Would you like to know how your hospital could provide safer oxygen delivery, in a way that’s easier to use for clinicians, saving them time, and reducing the amount of oxygen used by up to 20%? 

Oxy2Mask™ Sizes

Oxy2Mask™ Plus

Oxy2Mask™ Standard

Oxy2Mask™ Kid

Oxy2Mask™ Tyke